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Gerard Way gives us the scoop on his Marvel Comics Edge of Spider-Verse one-off.

“How The Artist Fell in Love”

10月にyo asa 2015年春夏の展示受注会を開催します。 概要は近日改めてお知らせいたします。

Paul McCartney was hospitalized for a virus that caused him to cancel shows, but a full recovery is expected.

Ladies and gentlemen :oD Here’s a first look at the TV show I’ve been working on all year, HITRECORD ON TV! It’s a half-hour variety show with short films, live performances, music, cartoons, and of course, MORE!
Hundreds of thousands of artists from all over the world contribute to the collaborative projects we have going on our site — hitRECord.org — where I’ve been directing each piece and performing in a bunch of them too. Btw, we’re still finishing the last few episodes, so come contribute something…It’s coming out January 18th, and it’s gonna be on a new cable channel called Pivot. I think you guys are reeeally gonna like it <3
Similar But Different (シミラー バット ディファレント) (2013) dir. Sometani Shota
If I read it right, this is a new short film directed by Sometani Shota himself. There is going to be a screening of it at the Shibuya Theater Auditorium on December 20th, 2013. As of now, there is no trailer.